• Essential Travel Kit (قهوه ای)

Essential Travel Kit

شماره مورد 9033991-90146


Stay dapper when you’re on the go with our ECCO Essential Travel Kit. Presented in a deluxe, minimalist waxed canvas bag with raw leather details, the kit is conveniently sized and contains everything you need to clean, care for and protect your smooth leather footwear to keep it looking its best.

  • Essential Clean, Care and Protect Travel Kit presented in a smart, Scandi-chic canvas bag
  • ECCO Cloth and an ECCO Wooden Brush made from cattle hair
  • ECCO Foam Cleaner (50ml)
  • ECCO Universal Water Proofing Spray (50m)
  • ECCO Daily Care Cream Transparent (30ml) and a Mini Shoe Shine Sponge

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