• Universal Waterproofer (چند رنگ)

Universal Waterproofer

شماره مورد 9033101-00100


Maintain the unique looks of your ECCO shoes, and help improve water-resistance, with this 125ml protective spray. Forming an invisible barrier, it defends materials from water and stains while retaining the natural breathability of your footwear. Technically developed as a key part of our Clean, Care and Protect collection, it is delivered from a gas-free pump spray for easy, even application that doesn't use CFC or other artificial propellants.

  • Universal Waterproofing Spray for added protection for your shoes
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials and footwear types
  • Environmentally-friendly pump action spray
  • Can be used on ECCO footwear with GORE-TEX® membranes
  • Made with premium ingredients

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