• Combi Clean & Proof (سفید)

Combi Clean & Proof

شماره مورد 9034006-00100


Combi-Clean and Proof is ideal for your busy lifestyle, when you don’t have time to sit around scrubbing and water-proofing your footwear. Developed in the laboratory to quickly and effectively clean your shoes or boots and provide a water-repellent shield, it’s safe to use on a wide range of materials including shoes with GORE-TEX® waterproof membranes.

  • Combi-Clean and Proof for fast protection for your footwear
  • Cleans and provides a durable water-repellent finish
  • Aerosol spray delivers a fine, even mist that is easy to apply
  • Fast drying for cleaning and protection on the go
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of materials, including items with a GORE-TEX® membrane

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