• Golf Carry all Bag (سفید)
  • Golf Carry all Bag (سفید)

Golf Carry all Bag

شماره مورد 9000430-90425


With a smart, sporty look this carry-all bag has been carefully designed to be practical too. Cushioned handles make carrying heavier loads easier on your hands, and a long shoulder strap allows you to keep your hands free when you want. Whether you use it to transport your sports gear or for a weekend away, it will do the job with style and flair.

  • Distinctively styled but practical carry-all bag
  • Designed to offer plenty of space for your essentials
  • Padded strap and handle to make it comfortable to use
  • Inner compartments mean it's easy to stay organised
  • Handy outer zipped pockets keep items safely within easy reach

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